More Effective Employee e-Learning

Whatfix simplifies learning on LMS by making it live and interactive. Our step-by-step guidance assists users in real-time for successful completion of tasks

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Make eLearning Interactive

Is eLearning on your LMS still static? Move your organizational learning from lengthy documentation, static screenshots and tutorial videos to real-time interactive guides.


Make eLearning Interactive

Make LMS Self-Serving

Our live interactive guides make LMS courses self-serving. With it, you will be able to eliminate user confusion, reduce human error and increase productivity.


Make eLearning Interactive

SCORM Compliant In-app Guidance

Whatfix is world’s first SCORM compliant in-app guidance system. Using our LMS integration, you will be able to double your productivity and create interactive courses for your LMS quickly and easily.


SCORM Compliant In-app Guidance
"Whatfix helps our students start utilizing our digital library with absolute ease, with their interactive guides. We create these guides internally with the help of their browser extension and the entire process of production to launch is seamless."
Daniel Bourrion
Head of Digital Library , University D’Angers France

By The Numbers

The Whatfix difference

Increase in employee productivity
Reduction on support queries

Reduction in training content creation costs

Reduction in go-to-launch enterprise applications

Faster time to proficiency for a new employee
Reduction in knowledge discovery time

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