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Whatfix empowers users to unlock their true potential across all software experiences - web, desktop, and mobile.

Whatfix empowers users to unlock their true potential across all software experiences - web, desktop, and mobile.

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Our Product Offerings

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform

Make your technology user-savvy with personalized onboarding, interactive guidance, and on-demand support in the flow of work

DAP on Web

Handhold users to successfully unlock your application’s value with guidance that is personalized at scale

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DAP on Desktop

Improve process compliance and decrease time-to-complete business-critical operations on legacy software with contextual in-app guidance that’s easy to create and deploy

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DAP on Mobile

Create, test, and publish on-brand, targeted experiences in minutes without engineering resources or updating your app

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Whatfix Product Analytics

Unleash the full potential of your applications by analyzing engagement and making data-driven decisions that drive user adoption and product growth

Extract and analyze product data easily

Quickly capture product and user data with a no-code, visual event tracking editor that captures behavioral analytics critical to building high-performance products

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Understand how users interact with your product

Identify key user insights such as drop-off and friction points, user cohort and segmentation trends, or any custom in-app event you want to track

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Act based on insights

Use these insights to influence your product roadmap and to contextualize the user experience based on behavioral and segmentation data

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  • Extract and analyze product data easily
  • Understand how users interact with your product
  • Act based on insights
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“From the beginning, the Whatfix team has been responsive and easy to work with, Resource savings worth about $950,000 can be used now for profit-generating activities from the couple of different deployments that we have done with Whatfix.”

Amy Boldt

Learning Leader

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“With a heavily customized Salesforce instance and multi-cultural processes, the flexibility of Whatfix empowers us to get the right training to the right people at the right time!”

Lee Glenn

Senior Specialist, Global CRM Training

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“Whatfix has helped solve many of our new user onboarding issues, and having Whatfix as a single centralized place for the latest training documentation is a game changer.”

Alan C

Senior Content Developer

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“We have gotten really positive feedback about Whatfix. Team leaders confirm it’s a fantastic opportunity for self-learning because it enables users to search in-application and find answers to their questions quickly.”

Katja Marggraf

Business Owner ERO for GSC+DK

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“Training was becoming a bottleneck to growth. We have hundreds of hotels worldwide using PurchasePlus – and that number is rising fast. We could no longer host the increasing number of Zoom training calls. It was also putting pressure on our support network to manage the incoming enquiries.”

Drew Nixon

Head of Customer Success

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“For employees, Whatfix is a part of Salesforce now. They expect to find in-app training and answers. If it wasn’t for Whatfix, there’d be very confused people on my sales team.”

Adam Shapiro

Business Analyst
Cardinal Health

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We are on a mission to create a world where individuals are empowered to freely use and experience the benefits of technology.

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