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Build Your Digital Adoption Center of Excellence

Build Your Digital Adoption Center of Excellence
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Digital Adoption Center of Excellences


Policies, Assigning Accountability, Reporting On KPI

Governance includes setting policies, assigning accountability, reporting on KPI attainment progress, identifying risks and defining change management strategies.

Value Management

Demonstratable ROI On Technology Investments

Demonstratable ROI on technology investments across deployments in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost savings


Identifying New Solutions, Use-Cases, And POCs To Test

Co-innovation by identifying new solution capabilities, building use cases and leading POCs to test new features. Your participation in our beta programs will be prioritized.

Go-To-Market Partnership

Identify And Coordinate Joint Opportunities For ISVs

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), the COE helps to systematically identify and coordinate joint customer development opportunities.


Coordinate Activities With Whatfix Consulting

Easily coordinate activities with Whatfix Consulting across your deployments including new content creation, go live and ongoing support.

Training & Adoption

Coordinate Activities With Whatfix Consulting

Streamline your education and adoption efforts with reusable training assets with the help of Whatfix Digital Adoption certifications.

Why a Digital Adoption CoE

  • Improve Flows with real-user feedback
  • Offer contextual self help on a wide range of search terms
  • Departmental Silos
  • Redundant meetings
  • Slow user ramp-up time
  • Learnings and best practices not shared
  • Separate processes, content creation, KPI measurement
  • Inconsistency in technology solution to same problem across functions
  • Faster Deployment Velocity due to Greater Efficiency
  • Knowledge, Processes, Resources Distributed across Deployments
  • Standardized, Repeatable Projects and Flows
  • Organization-Wide Value Substantiation and KPI Accountability

How can you set up a COE team

At the heart of your COE is the team. The COE team has a set of clearly defined roles and responsibilities,
that carry out the Whatfix implementation and manage value delivery.

Executive Sponsor

Ensures Alignment

The Executive Sponsor ensures there is alignment with top management and owns accountability. He/she assesses the ROI, provides budget and resources and tracks the program delivery and results.


Evangelizes The Digital Adoption COE

The Champion evangelizes the Digital Adoption COE across organizational functions and business units. The Champion helps the Program Manager lead the day-to-day operations of the COE.

DA Program Manager

Plans The Implementation

The Program Manager plans the implementation of the solution, baselines templates and execution methodology, identifies stakeholders for project activities and handles escalations.

DA Business Analyst

Captures Knowledge By Interviewing

The Business Analyst captures knowledge by interviewing users and subject matter experts. They baseline objectives and metrics, documents roadmap and templatizes processes.

DA Solution Architect

Analyzes & Handles The Application

The Solution Architect analyzes the application, handles configuration and customizations, if required, deployment and delivery and integrations with other applications.

DA Instructional Designer

Handles Content & Documentation

The Instructional Designer devises requirement documentation, creates Whatfix content, tests the content and deploys it.

Choose the right DAP

Implementing the right Digital Adoption Platform is the most important decision you need to
make. You need to choose a platform that

  • Improve Flows with real-user feedback
  • Offers seamless in-app guidance
  • Enables knowledge delivery at the moment of need
  • Integrates easily with existing applications
  • Is secure and reliable
  • Scales across several enterprise applications


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